Workshop 'There is no why here' - deSingel 18 - 21 SEPT 13

Vrijdag 20 september 2013

David Moss, lead vocalist in -there is no why here- , has known both composer Andrea Molino – after working together on several (orchestra) projects – and  director Wouter Van Looy, with whom he collaborated for Institute of the Living Voice, for a long time.

David: “It is like a giant family meeting. I have never been directed by Wouter, but I love his view. Now I suddenly find myself in a piece, by him as well as Andrea.”

According to David, this project was a prospective of Andrea, who had the idea of bringing non opera singers on the stage of a prestigious opera house. After various brainstorms together, the project suddenly solidified when Andrea reached an agreement with the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. David became immediately involved as a performer and collaborator. He defines his role in this production as threefold: he has an authoritarian role but is, as performer, also equal to the others on stage. At the same time he is colleagues with the director and composer. This role, he finds, mentally stimulating, though sometimes overpowering and challenging. A lot of information lies in the hands of other people. Even though he has his own way of doing things, he likes this opportunity to challenge himself.

Concerning the workshop, David says that the work has incredibly advanced– each day here equals a week in a normal production in terms of progress–, yet the short time span also has disadvantages. They are required to imagine a lot, instead of knowing, which can only happen if they have more time together. It will all come together in Bologna next spring.


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