Day II - rehearsal 'there is no why here' - from 11 untill 22 May - solo's

Woensdag 13 mei 2015

Repetitions start again with an enthusiastic  “Let’s start with the solo’s” from Andrea. Aline, Sander and Annelinde start with practising the three solo’s for the last scene of the piece. The search is twofold: on the one hand they are looking for the right sounds to the music, while at the same time they are experimenting with how to combine these sounds with suitable dramatic movements. After each one’s solo the fragment ends with repeating the three solo’s all together at once. 

Andrea wants to start each solo with a longer note, in this way they ‘ll have something in common. And also when the solo’s come together in the end, they ‘ ll interconnect again. The three vocalists are having a lot of fun, but at the same time these vocal improvisations are hard work: attention to the fast rhythm of the music and the exact measurements are required. Aline laughs: “this is not the regular use of the voice, it needs some hydration once in a while”. After a few attempts and on Andrea’s incitement “Let’s ride”, all pieces suddenly fall into place.They close the rehearsal of this scene with a very satisfied Andrea Molino. Musically and structurally the three vocalists are very good attuned to each other and to the componist’s musical score.

After a well-deserved break, Andrea wants to work with Aline and Annelinde on the fine-tuning of the beginning of another scene. On his announcement “Now we ‘ll work on exact measures”, Annelinde eagerly responds: “Let’s talk some score language!”. In order to express the highly, emotional content of the scene, Aline has to search for specific glottis sounds as a prologue to the text. Andrea closes the rehearsal saying: ‘It’s beautiful, it’s very fragile, I love it!”.

Andrea’s promise that the evening rehearsal would be even more funny, proves immediately to be true. With the extras present, the rehearsal space gets quickly filled with energetic noises and vibes. Wouter has decided he wants to rehearse ‘the ball scene’. This scene starts with a ball arriving from behind the the projection screen - on which among others images of the Palestinian-Israeli wall will be projected - and evolves in a ball game with the whole group. The objective is to contradict the harsh reasons why these walls were built by making them funny and ridiculous.

Wouter starts with ‘warning’ everybody for this ‘dangerous object’ - the ball - with a big smile. Apparently this scene has caused some little accidents before, preferably ‘not to be repeated’. Luckily there ‘s already a gifted basketball player among the extras. The whole group experiments with different possibilities and ball games, for example playing with different  handicaps or in slow motion, with Annelinde in the role of a very bossy but funny referee. A bit exhausted, but also energised the group can finish this rehearsal with some beautiful, interesting possibilities to work further on.


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