Day I - rehearsal 'there is no why here' - from 11 untill 22 May - reunion

Maandag 11 mei 2015

It’s been a while since the last performance in Bologna, but composer Andrea Molino, director Wouter Van Looy and singers Aline Goffin, Sander De Winne and Annelinde Bruijs are back in business for the rehearsel of the Belgian premiere of - there is no why here -. To adapt this project to an Antwerp context, Andrea made some changes in the cast and content: Bologna performers are replaced by Belgian performers (recruted by KunstZ), visual art is also focusing on Antwerp city and a local wrestle club is cooperating for the wrestle scene. All this to focus on the community feeling this project wants to carry out: to bring Antwerp city life into the opera.

At this first rehearsal day, Andrea and Wouter, want to focus on how to integrate the vocal pieces into the dramatic parts. I hear aural sounds combined with big movements like throwing, replacing and picking up objects on scene. Under impulse of Andrea the movements get more extreme and grotesque. Aline, Sander and Annelinde start moving across the scene and listen, interact, question, answer and try to find the right balance between vocals and gestures. ‘The vocal improvisation must be deeply integrated in the dramaturgic movements’, Andrea says. Especially in the final scene, Andrea and Wouter want to see more and bigger movements. This is far away from the static movement of classic opera. Instead I see an explosive ‘work in progress’ with rough performance. At 5 pm it’s time for a welcome break.

In the evening the new Belgian extra's and performers Aline, Sander and Annelinde  will meet each other for the first time and discuss and brainstorm a work modus for the coming rehearsal days. Their purpose: finding a unison in voice and performance, making their version of – there is no why here -. 

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