ILV 2012 - Bruges: Workshop Iva Bittova - Day 2

Vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Today Iva Bittova's workshop started at 10h30.


The workshop started with voice excercises. Everybody was sitting in a circle on the ground and they started producing sounds in their mouth. They all had to hear their voice from inside instead of the outside. After a few minutes Iva said it sounded great. She asked the group to sing the Lolilouja-song from yesterday again. It sounded very nice. It's nice to see they all had their own version of the same melody. I could see everybody was enjoying themselves. 
The second excercise was to begin with the same rythm and then one by one they had to pick somebody to be in the middle and sing something through the given rythm. 

After the break I let the group alone with Iva. Once again it was clear for me that they all had fun. 

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