ILV 2012 - Bruges: Workshop Claron McFadden

Zaterdag 31 maart 2012

I came in when the workshop already started an hour. I must say, I was more than surprised what I saw there! 


The group was walking around the room creating sounds, making moves. They were all very individually. But at a certain moment the group was one and then back to theirselves. So there were waves of being individual and being in group as one. The most surprising was a moment in the end. To me as a outsider it felt like they were in sort of a trance. It felt like like they were leaded by someone, someone who told them to do this and to do that. Well, they weren't! They did it on their own! The room was a pallet of sounds and overtones and I felt a magnificent groupfeeling when they all came together at the end and it sounded so beautiful. 

Before and after this excercise the group had talked about themselves, life, singing, etc... and maybe because of these talks it became so great. They had to make unprepared sounds which is quiet difficult because there will always be some kind of a moment where you think a split second what you're going to do or create. I think there will be a lot to do in the third workshop !

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