ILV 2010 - Venice: Reading Matter and Decisions, Decisions!

Donderdag 28 oktober 2010

All the participants involved in Barbara Hannigan’s workshop will have received additional reading material about vocal healthcare which she thought would be of interest to us. I’ve only scanned ‘Owner’s Manual to the Voice’ and ’Vocal Health’ documents and will delve deeper into them over the weekend.

I invite ILV Venice participants, to share their thoughts on these papers. DECISIONS! DECISIONS! Anyone who knows me will know that I like a bit of dressing up from time to time and I because of this, I could not pass up the opportunity of collaborating with fashion students from the University of Venice for the residency project. Having given them examples of my work a synopsis etc of what I intend to perform I was astonished by the level of interest - 44 students want to be involved!

They were sent away for a week to prepare pitches and yesterday I spent the morning with them and their tutor Anthony Knight, listening to their presentations and looking at sample drawings. I had 30 proposals to choose from and I’ve now done a shortlist. The task remains for me to do the final selection.

WATCH THIS SPACE …And what about the music? I hear you cry? Well, I’m working on a solo voice piece based on extracts from ‘Quartett’ by H. Mueller and also a collaborative piece with David Toop (sound artist) which will also include film and movement. My Butoh and Voice workshop will come in handy I’m sure. That was an experience!

**I give a premiere of an extract from the Toop piece in London on 8 Nov at Kings Place which will be recorded for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Hear & Now’ programme to be broadcast at a later date.**

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