ILV 2012 - Bruges: First Workshop Iva Bittova

Donderdag 29 maart 2012


10h30, Concertgebouw Brugge, Studio1 : The first workshop with Iva Bittova. My name is Ben and I will keep up this weblog today. All the participants were looking forward to meet her and to start the day with a big amount of sounds, voices and practising. 




The sun shined through the windows and Iva was happy for that;


‘I like to absorb as much sounds as I can. Concentration and the place are very important. I prefer to be in the nature because then I can connect with it and hear my inner side.’ 


Iva Bittova took her violin and began to sing. She told us that the sound of the violin teaches her to sing. People closed their eyes and lost theirselves in Iva’s performance. It felt like she and the violin were one. The way she touched the violin was like she touched the most precious thing.


She asked the participants to feel the air and massage the mouth from the inside and while doing that they started to make sounds. This is a way to relax and stretch all the muscles in and around the mouth. All the voices in the studio sounded like a wall of floating air. It was magnificent to hear what the voice is capable to do. They began with a deep soaring sound to go higher and higher. Iva told the group that she likes to play with all different types of singing. 


For the second time she took her violin and started to sing a beautiful gipsy-song. She asked to write down the lyrics and it didn’t matter that the words were written the wrong way. 


‘Loliloujah toe deh gah

Ande bahla metovah

Tu keh tu keh kamaba

Olebaja lalohim

Loliloujah toe deh gah

Shalé shalé kamaba

Imavashi mena sovabah

Metramaté go na inevah

Jojdega kamaba’ 


This was how the song sounded when Iva started singing. She asked everybody to start with a soft way to sing it together with her because then you can start to learn the melody. When you are capable to sing the melody, you can start making your own shades. 


‘When I sing a melody I have an imagination, always a different one. That’s why my performances are never the same, they are always unique because of the different kind of emotions.’ 

While the group settled in a circle I left the studio. This was the perfect moment for them to get to know each other and their voices more and more. It already sounded great together and I’m sure they were enjoying these moments.


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