ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY5/DAG5 - Workshop 2 Marlui Miranda

Zaterdag 17 december 2011

Marlui Miranda started the workshop with the special approach of groups nearby Venezuela. The persons that were present at the workshop yesterday showed them how they approach. The group split in two and greeted each other on this special way. She showed some videos again, like the 'song to cheer up children' and the group of participants that were in her workshop yesterday demonstrated the moves they had learned. After that, the whole group learned the moves together.

The participants experimented with the movements, they danced to the song a few times, bringing variation in the dance. Marlui showed some pictures of rituals and persons and told the story behind the picture. She demonstrated some yells that are meaningful in some groups.

She learned the participants some ritual songs. The group did some vocal exercises on one of these songs, where each person had to sing different words, so the voices came together harmoniously. It has a ritual meaning. They gathered in couples and sang this song, with each taking a different role in the singing. Every one seemed to know the words by heart, amazing. The sounds were dialoging.

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