ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY5/DAG5 - Workshop 4 David Moss

Zaterdag 17 december 2011

David asked a question after the last workshop: “When does silence can become music? And how can music become silence?” They intrigued moments of silence into the workshop this time. David guided the group when the voices became a cacophony. He made gestures to guide their voices. After the silences, someone took the upper-hand in singing, and the rest of the participants started to join again silently.

The group split up in two during a short period to sing in groups, and combine the sounds of both. Without talking there was a lot of guiding by David. The participants used their body movements to guide their voices a lot. This is what David taught them as an important aspect of singing.

A group gathered to be the soloist when someone received the key that made her the soloist. It happened in group this time. This was a new element. They considered the things David told them the last time after the workshop. It was great to see how they intrigued these aspects. They used techniques to transform their voices, like clapping on their chests. They also pounded their feet on the floor... It seemed they took some things they'd learned in the workshop of Marcelo into this workshop. They combined techniques of singing and making music with their bodies. The participants challenged each other in making sounds.

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