ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY5/DAG5 - Workshop 2 Marcelo Pretto

Zaterdag 17 december 2011

Today, the second workshop of Marcelo started! The attention was laid on body-percussion. The group started with the song they'd learned on the rhythm of clapping on the body during the previous workshop. Afterwards he sang a song on the guitar. They did the same 'flash'-clapping exercises as yesterday to get into the rhythm... But that was only the beginning!

He started a new exercise where different techniques are combined on the rhythm. They had to follow a certain order of the techniques. He described it as a very difficult exercise. At the end of the exercise, the group seemed to have mastered it.

He taught a new Brazilian song to the participants. The focus was laid on the melody, tone height and rhythm. After learning the lyrics, the group started to do exercises on the rhythm of the song. They created a rhythm with their bodies, while standing in a circle. After that, they learned a dance that belongs to the song. They did the rhythm-exercise again while two people performed the dance they learned, in the middle of the circle. It was a lovely performance!

He taught another song which they sang together afterwards, wile making rhythmic sounds... what a strong sound! A girl started to sing the song on her own, the group automatically began to create a rhythm with their bodies to support her voice. Soon, everybody was singing the song along, clapping, snapping their fingers,... The enjoyable atmosphere made it feel like there was a special event going on! Everybody seemed to enjoy it.


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