ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY4/DAG4 - Workshop 1 Marlui Miranda

Vrijdag 16 december 2011

Today Marlui Miranda started her first workshop!

The workshop recalled sounds and songs of Brazilian indigenous musical repertoire. The songs ranged from ritual to vocal greetings.

Marlui Miranda started with an introduction to a tradition of some groups nearby Venezuela. She told the participants that these groups don't just approach and say “Hey” to each other but they make sounds and movements when they do it. They observe each other. She demonstrated the movements and the participants of the workshop played this situation, moving slowly towards each other, holding a stick, and making the sounds Marlui demonstrated.

She showed some videos and let the group listen to a few songs to teach them the songs.

At first, Marlui showed a video of a man singing a 'song to cheer up children'. The video was made during a workshop she followed to learn some songs from that group. She showed the lyrics to the group and let them sing along with her. She danced to the song, doing rhythmic movements with a stick. The group started singing the song and doing rhythmic movements with the sticks. They experimented with the rhythmic movements that could be made to the song with the stick and combined them in the end.

Then she showed another video with someone singing a song with a highering pitch. The song is about the arrival to a ceremony. The group learned the lyrics, sang it and hummed to it. When the group hummed to the song, Miranda sang the lyrics and let one of the participants fall in by each verse. They also experimented with the humming.

Marlui also learned a few songs, by one of them the attention was laid on sharpening the voice. She showed the rhythmic moves that go with the song. They did these movements in group, forming a chain of people, singing the song.

During the workshop, the group was taken on a rhythmic experience!

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