ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY4/DAG4 - Workshop 1 Marcelo Pretto

Vrijdag 16 december 2011

Marcelo introduced his workshop. He said the attention during his workshop will be laid at body-percussion and rhythm. He explained what the group will be doing during this series of workshops.

He opened a big circle so everybody was spread across the room. He let the participants pass on a clap to someone they chose in the circle, then this person made a clap at someone else. Afterwards Marcello added a foot movement to the clap, and the exercise began again. Then he let the participants do the alternate of the clap they received from someone. He extended the exercise until everybody was walking around, creating a beat with their feat and clapping to each other. It became an exercise about rhythm.

He clapped a melody, the group recreated it. The group had to keep the right rhythm. He let the participants do the same exercise but with their voices. Afterwards the group made a rhythm with their feet and snapped 4 times, during those 4 snaps they each had the opportunity to improvise and do something with their body. In the next exercise two persons had to interact between those 4 snaps... After that 3 people... Then 4. It was very interactive and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

Marcelo learned the group some special claps, that are also used in music. Afterwards he did an exercise about making noises with the mouth. He could make various sounds with his mouth and let the group try to make them too... He could do awesome things! He combined some sounds and let the group follow him. He taught some rhythms to the participants and let them join him with body movements.

At the end the group practiced to sing to the song to the rythm (created with their bodies). What a beautiful sound!

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