ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY4/DAG4 - Workshop 3 David Moss

Vrijdag 16 december 2011

The third workshop of David Moss was today!

During this workshop the group tried to take the singing a step further. There was experimented with the use of the body, the voice, responding to each other, having a musical conversation. David gave attention to the posture and challenged the group constantly to take a next step.

The participants wandered through the room, humming and singing. At some times David gathered them into a small circle and guided their voices, to split the circle up after a while. David challenged the group to sing louder, more mixed up, so the person with the key (soloist) was challenged to take it a step further.

He challenged the group constantly. He did this with sounds and movements, like pounding his feet against the ground, babbling loudly to the group, giving them a direction to sing by his gestures, singing a sentence ... When he challenged the group, creating a tension, it became a cacophony. David had the key, he could make someone soloist. In this sentence David always seemed to have a grip on the participants.

Everybody was free to make the sounds they wanted. The persons who received the key tried to take the singing to 'the next level'.

The participants worked with their bodies, making sounds when gestures were made. They worked together and responded to what was happening, with their voices.

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