ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY3/DAG3 - VOX TALKS

Donderdag 15 december 2011

David introduced the debate as an opportunity to sit and talk about their music. He said he never decided to be a singer, it just happened. He wanted to express himself with his voice instead of his hands (piano).

He describes it as music coming from his voice. “The voice is connected to the body, and the body makes you an individual.” He said that in the world nowadays there isn't really attention for the individuals. He thinks that to work with your body and your voice is a strong statement in this world.


Marcelo never knew he was going to be a singer, he loved instrumental music. He bought a guitar, but never learned to play it very well. He called himself lazy.

He sang melodies from famous artists, he had a lot of references. He has a very deep voice and developed a special technique. He doesn't know when he opened to this sound, when he started to develop this technique.

Everybody started to tell about their experiences.

Some quotes:

I don't have a technique to play an instrument with my hands. I developed this techniques to work with my voice. I got interessed in body percussion...” - Marcelo

I learned many things, ...I discovered life.” - Marcelo

Miranda: “I can't explain how I got so involved, it came spontaneous.”.

When I first met this music, I had asked myself: why don't you sing this?” - Marlui Miranda

I first learned one song. I wanted to sing it. And then it became a soap opera tune. Then I said to myself: I don't want this. It's not this I'm going after...” - Marlui Miranda

It's my pleasure to sing, I love to sing these songs.“ - Marlui Miranda

"There are ways... I found my way. And I found my voice.” - Marlui Miranda

I started to sing to find my life.“ - Marlui Miranda

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