ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY3/DAG3 - Workshop 2 David Moss

Donderdag 15 december 2011

The second workshop of David Moss started this afternoon. The principle was the same as yesterday: you were only allowed to sing once you'd entered the silver room. And he had a key which he gave to some participants during the workshop, then those persons became soloists for a moment. The soloists always took the upper hand in the singing. The beginning of the workshop was the same, David started humming and the rest followed. They gathered in a circle. The humming transformed to singing, babbling, reaching tone heights, loud sighs, instinctive sounds,...

Everybody made a different sound, matching it with the sounds the other participants made. This time they took it a step further: louder and louder the sounds became chaotic, a cacophony. Everybody created a unique sound. Everything was possible, and you could tell by the sounds that were made that everybody improvised at the moment. Strong sounds were made. I recognized sounds of madness, of grief, of joy,... The sounds were full of emotions.


Two participants began to sing to each other and tried to match their sounds. David worked on the posture of some of the participants. He wanted the participants to work with their body. For example, he made a circle with his fingers and when he opened the circle a little bit his voice went higher. “Your body creates the time”, he said yesterday. He helped the group with this concept, gave them a direction.


It was a creative process of one hour where everybody had the opportunity to improvise in group, trying new sounds, playing with their voices, discover the possibilities of the voice in group, in a room where they felt free to try everything...

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