ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY2/DAG2 - Workshop 1 David Moss

Woensdag 14 december 2011

All the participants looked very excited for the workshop of David Moss!

Before the workshop began, he gave a short introduction of the “rules” they had to follow.

One of them was: no speaking in the room, only singing. Another one was that he had e key, and when he gave it to someone, this person became a soloist. Everybody was free to sing what they wanted, make noises or be quiet if they wished. Everything was possible.


As soon as the group entered the room, David started humming, and the rest followed. The group gathered in a ring and sang as they let themselves be inspired, as well as by David as by the rest of the group. Such a beautiful sound filled the room! At a certain point David started to use his voice with his body. He moved to the sound he was making, or otherwise. Original sounds were created by everybody. Everything seemed possible, there was such an open, creative atmosphere. There were no spoken rules for the sounds you would make, you could create what you wanted to, what felt right at the moment. David opened a world of possibilities, creating a group-atmosphere that was so inspiring.

David sort of leaded the group and challenged them with his noises, singing and movements and showed them a direction this way. Everybody participated in a unique way... Each time everything came together as one strong union of sounds.

It was such an experience to just observe the workshop as blogmaster, I can't imagine what it was like to be a part of it... To be a part of such an inspiring concept with an own creative share.



David came to me after the workshop and said he was inspired by me being there. He had an idea: each person in the workshop could have their own archivist. That person would be watching and listening to them only and writing down their thoughts and ideas about that person's work. Then, after the session, each singer would have a reflection of their voice in words filtered through someone watching only them. This would be a very interesting perception-switch. And it would give a lot of information.



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