ILV 2011 - Brussels: DAY1/DAG1 - Workshop 1 Tulipa Ruiz

Dinsdag 13 december 2011

Today the workshops of ILV started! Tulipa Ruiz was the first one to start as guest instructor.


Despite the rainy weather, the participants seemed very optimistic and enthusiastic for the workshop of Tulipa Ruiz. Tulipa was a little late because of the weather, but that worry melted away when she arrived with a big smile. Everybody gathered in a circle. She introduced herself and some of her band members and told a little about her singing career as a short introduction. She let the participants listen to one of her songs on her cd. Afterwards she blew everybody away with a live performance of one of her songs... What a voice!

Then she showed the lyrics of that song (in Portuguese) on the screen, so everyone could learn the pronunciation of the lyrics right to start with. It seemed hard for some of the participants to remember it right, but they gave all they got to get it right. Everybody stood up, did some muscle trainings to relax and to prepare for the singing. The whole group followed her when she started to sing a lyric. Louder and louder, the room filled with the lovely sound of voices that came together as a beautiful strong sound.




The participants practiced the breathing technique of their singing by some exercises. While learning the whole lyrics, some of the group struggled with the right pronunciation but everyone could laugh with it and seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards, each in turn, the  sung a verse on their own, for the most of them it went well. They kept working on the pronunciation and the breathing techniques. The atmosphere was very pleasant, they seemed to enjoy themselves. The group hummed the song as an extra exercise to print the melody in their mind. They all walked around, singing the song, and filled the parts of lyrics they didn't remember well enough to sing it with humming. Some of them danced around... Lovely atmosphere!


Portuguese seems a difficult language to learn, but they did pretty good! After an hour, they were all singing in Portuguese... that's just incredible!


“Congelo o tempo preu ficar devagarinho

com as coisas que eu gosto e que eu sei que são

efêmeras e que passam perecíveis que acabam,

se despedem, mas eu nunca me esqueço...”

(Tulipa Ruiz – Efêmera)






“Wat een leuke madame, die met heel haar hart musiceert en zingt!” - Annelies, deelnemer ILV BRAZIL


Ondanks het slechte weer ging de eerste workshop van ILV goed van start! De deelnemers leken enthousiast en dit enthousiasme groeide enkel doorheen de workshop.

Tulipa begon met een korte introductie, stelde enkele bandleden voor en deelde haar ervaringen op muzikaal vlak. Ze maakte indruk met een live performance van één van haar liedjes… Wat een stem! Nadien introduceerde ze de deelnemers met de (Portugese) tekst van dit liedje en begon de workshop pas écht. De meerderheid van de groep kon geen Portugees en had het dan ook moeilijk met deze Portugese initiatie. Maar dit werd overwonnen, na een uur zong iedereen in het Portugees, ongelooflijk gewoon! Er werden verschillende oefeningen gedaan omtrent de ademhalingstechnieken bij het zingen, het inprenten van de melodie enz. Hun stemmen kwamen samen tot een mooi geheel en vulden de ruimte. Er was een leuke sfeer gedurende de workshop, en nadien kreeg Tulipa veel positieve reacties van de deelnemers.


Vandaag was alvast een mooie start van de workshops!

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