IFLV 2012 - Bruges: 2nd Workshop - Day 1

Vrijdag 30 maart 2012

 The second workshop today was Claron McFadden. 

 After a very warm welcome Claron McFadden told us that since she was a little girl she was interested in different smells, flavours and sounds. She sang jazz, classical music, pop and a lot of other different styles. Finding freedom in improvising and putting that freedom into the structure of classical music is very interesting. 

Claron wanted to have a spontaneous, joyful and relaxed afternoon. I’m sure her wish came true! 


It all began with a sentence. Everybody had to think about one sentence, one that they would like to repeat during the workshop. After taking off their shoes the actual excercises began. The group began to shake their arms, legs and heads. Slowly they walked around greeting each other and started to do some improvisation sounds and moves. 

Standing in a circle all the participants started to sing their sentences one by one. I saw a lot of creativity in this group and I saw the same reaction on Clarons face. It was great to see and hear what they all could do after 30 minutes. 


There were a lot of feedback moments where all the participants could tell what they think, ask some questions and what they felt. 


The group quickly started to understand what they were supposed to do. Dialogues between the participants followed their own style with the flow of the others and made a dynamic respons. The whole dynamic changed when somebody started their own way of making sounds. Someone picked in, another one followed. It was very exciting to hear these beautiful sounds!


The next thing they did was the physical way of making expressions. 

‘This is what I can do, this is what you can co. Let’s do something together!’, Claron said.


The nicest thing I saw in this group was the fact that some people were singers, some people weren’t. It was a great experience to have such a beautiful dynamic group of people and creativity. I’m sure everybody’s looking forward to tomorrow!!!

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