IFLV 2012 - Bruges: 2nd day at ILV Bruges!

Vrijdag 30 maart 2012

The second day... the participants are arriving and looking forward for the workshops.

I had a quick talk with one of the participants. Moss is from England and she came here because she likes Iva Bittova. When she realized Claron Mc Fadden was the second workshop these days she subscribed for both of the workshops. Moss is working on her own workshops as well (voice/movements). Her critical view on the workshop yesterday was very positive. 'I like it to see how many different people are participating and how it all works in group. It's very interesting to see that some people are just interested in voices. The great space in the Studio is magnificent.' 


Iva Bittova just arrived, the group is readying themselves. And me? I'm looking forward as well! 


To all the participants = You can still subscribe to the Voices & Choices on the big stage. Voices & Choices is some kind of a free mic to do your thing on a stage.

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