Jongerenopera 'In bocca al lupo' - DAY 7 - Pack of wolves

Vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

After a day of rest during the weekend our troupe has started the second week of their adventure. In less than a week, everything should be ready for their big moment. I hear Hanna saying that - at this moment - nobody in the group seems nervous at all, but she wonders if that’ll stay that way, because in less than 5 days…

When I walk into the theatre studio in the afternoon, I have to watch out not to stumble down the stairs, because the group is rehearsing a scene with the choir - Questa vita mortale - in almost total darkness. There also seems to be a make-up experiment going on, as I already assumed as I saw several men with bright make-up in their eyes when I entered the studio. In this scene all the eyes of the singers should light up in the dark like the eyes of predators spying on you before the attack. When I hear the indication “Upload your eyes with your telephone” it almost sounds as if I have landed in some futuristic project, but then I see several singers illuminating their faces with their cell phones and when it gets completely dark, only their eyes are watching us closely. All those painted faces take a short break to wash off that reflecting grime and then some of them climb on the stage again singing ‘In the jungle’ aloud. Okay guys, but I thought we were having wolves on the stage instead of lions, not? And that’s what I get one minute later in a marvellous, uncanny scene: the light slowly intensifies and now we become aware of a circle of hunched up creatures howling like wolves. Kasper records their growling and yelping, and that howling is sampled in real time by Emanuele. All those sounds really create a special atmosphere. The scene evolves into another very beautiful moment with Marine singing Plorate Colles. After the break we - the few people that are watching - get a special treat, when the whole choir, still sitting in the seats behind us, starts singing while Marine is alone on the stage, singing and dancing around. All those beautiful voices singing together so close behind you really create a wonderful moment. Thanks everyone!

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