Jongerenopera 'In bocca al lupo' - DAY 9 - Nigredo, Albedo Rubedo (2)

Zondag 30 augustus 2015

When it’s time, Luigi pays close attention in order to be sure that everybody has everything they need on stage:

  • “Headphones?” “Check!”
  • “Microphones?” “Check!”
  • “Seie, your whip?” “My whip is ready to go!”
  • Somebody: “And our phones … to charge our eyes?” “Yes!! Brava!!”

As all lights go out and Luigi and Anne ask “Everybody ready?” at first only one little “yes” resounds from behind the curtain. “Only one?” “YES! yes! YES! Yes!....”So then we start!” SHOWTIME!


As this is not the moment to describe at length the beautiful, hilarious, intense or uncanny scenes that follow each other during the hour ‘of the wolf’,  I ‘ll only give shortly some clues to get you started and hopefully to work up an appetite to come and see for yourself

- Tasks will be demanded to be performed by a great unknown

- Beware of the wolf in Herlinde

- I finally saw the ‘chicken dance’ and I loved it! Very nice choreography Maayan, maybe it’ll become a hype

- Watch Emmanuel and Keith as they’ll try their very best to sell you something in a heartwarming way

And so much more… So come and see and listen and enjoy for yourself!! 

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