Jongerenopera 'In bocca al lupo' - DAY 9 - Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo (1)

Vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

When I join the troupe of In Bocca al Lupo again in the theatre studio I notice immediately that there is another kind of energy present: somewhat more tension, another rhythm vibrating in the studio. As I learn shortly after that we ‘re only 10 minutes away from the first real run through – with the costumes, the light, … - all that excitement becomes clear. I see several singers quickly go over their text once again, spelling some words completely out, softly murmuring or singing lyrics for their self in order to hammer every detail into their heads. Others like Sander, still appear to be quite at ease “A little run through, that’s all, nice to have an overview” and are more concerned with guessing what they’ll have for dinner later. Also Maayan looks very happy and as being in his element on the stage.

Some of the youngsters are suddenly looking very “classy” in their black costumes. Dresser Lotte Stek is walking around with a little flash light on the top of her head – “Fancy!!” somebody yells – and looks a bit like a mine-worker. But it will come in handy as during the show some fast costume changes have to be done – in the dark – and so arrangements for some ‘extra fast undressing and dressing’ have to  be made. During the show the whole group on stage ‘ll indeed change their costumes from black, to white into red. This according to the concept of Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo: the three movements, temperatures, paths of self transformation, … that Luigi has chosen to include. When later everybody is dressed completely in red, lots of ‘Little Red Riding Hoods’ are suddenly walking around. Orchestra coach Lucas jokes: “Hey, grandmother, why are your ears so big? Hey grandmother, why…”. I learn also something new about the props. According to Seie, as she explained to singing coach Caroline, whipping is very beneficial for singing. Because in order to do it right you have to hold tension in certain areas of your body, like your belly, which allows your throat to be completely free and that improves your singing.  

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