Jongerenopera 'In bocca al lupo' - DAY 4 - First run through

Zondag 23 augustus 2015

Although when I arrive in the work-room of Lotte Stek no exciting 'costume adventures’ are going on, spending some time here proves to be quite interesting and funny. As several girls are sitting here as a kind of critical jury waiting for Lottes next clothing-victim, I learn that they have already been practicing a kind of ‘chicken’-‘frog’-… dance and of course some fragments are being demonstrated. Some of the girls are wondering how they ‘ll manage to dance it, if they ‘ll have to perform it in high heels, a (short) dress, … Also there appears to be look-alike for Camille in the making, and the right wig has already been found. As I heard already who ‘ll fit the shoe of Camilles double, I can tell you I can’t wait to see the scene!


Waiting with some of the participants for the rehearsal of all the singers with Nicolas and Caroline to start, I learn that these singers not only sing Baroque scores beautifully, but also are very good at singing more popular songs. As I see how they combine them with ‘jazz hands’, ‘rainbow moves’ etcetera, I guess that any kind of ‘frog’, ‘chicken’ - or whatever - ‘squirrel’ dance won’t be a problem at all. And then, time for work, of course. Because of the lunch break, rehearsal starts with a short wake up exercise for the voices: rabbit expressions, dog breaths and baby noises alternate quickly. Nicolas encourages everyone to enjoy singing specific chords more, but is very happy to find out that the whole group sings impressively good together.


Now everybody is ready, the whole group - singers, instrumentalists and coaches - meets in the theatre studio. For the first time they ‘ll have a run through on stage, not a real one yet, as they now ‘ll sing and play the whole show, but without any staging. Several singers perform their solo on stage, and as somebody remarks “This feels like an audition”, some others agree immediately. That’s what Nicolas meant by ‘now we’ll face the situation’. In one of the last songs rehearsed – a very cheerful one – lots of animal noises - dogs, cats, … - are being used. Which results in a lot of fun of course. Next to some others, Maayan is doing his part so expressively good, that I – and I ‘m not the only one - can’t stop laughing. As I hear Nicolas say that this first rough run trough was very promising, I couldn’t agree more. I’m very curious to see which surprises In Bocca al Lupa has still hidden for us.

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