jongerenopera Canti d'Amor II - DAG 6: Week-end

Zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Week one is officially over and the weekend begun for the Canti d’Amor crowd. ‘I’m actually too relaxed,’ says director Wouter Van Looy, ‘because yesterday went so great. You need  a little stress to keep you going.’ Still, a little rest can’t hurt either. ‘Doesn’t it break the rhythm, to have a day off?’ I ask. ‘No, it’s necessary,’ says tenor Emmanuel. ‘otherwise the energy level would only go downhill.’ So maybe it's good to do a small inventory.

Stage? Pepa’s getting down to the details now. The concept, she says, is similar to last year – the idea of a wasteland, an isolated enclave in the middle of nowhere – but more abstract and stylized. And looking great, at any rate. Back in the costume department, the girls were dabbing make-up onto men's faces, which is always a sign of progress.

Singing? Coach Deborah was clapping delightedly after the choir finished the complicated 'Di Marte'. ‘Aren’t they great? I’m so proud!’ It’s true, they keep surprising. ‘Don’t say you can’t sing,’ says Adam, ‘I couldn’t sing at all before I got started.’ ‘I still can’t sing,’ counters Wil. ‘I’ve only been singing for a year,’ says Antoine. ‘When they told me I made the cut, I thought they were joking.’

Acting? For a lot of them, this aspect is completely new, being used to what the Leeds guys call “parking and barking”, and combining it with singing can be tricky. Still, having seen entire love duets ending on the floor, I wouldn’t worry about that either.

Music? Some of the musicians are baroque specialists, for other’s it’s their first time doing baroque. But more and more, this disparate and international group is starting to speak the same language. Meanwhile, it’s been the first uniformly sunny day we’ve had all week, and I will have the audacity to take that as a good omen for the week to come.

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