Jongerenopera Canti d'Amor II - DAG 5: Audio-interview with the participants

Zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

‘And now, we go down to hell!’ says Nicolas, while the orchestra descends into the pit. ‘Watch out that you don’t fall!’ Which doesn’t stop him from stumbling down himself some time later. ‘Putain!’
We are nearing the end of week one. Scenographer Pepa is busy like a bee putting together landscapes as well as making recordings for soundscapes - ‘You are not singing a love song this year? - to Leonard. ‘Last year, he was making love to all the girls!’ But the coaches and participants are not taking it easy either: in spite of the gloomy weather - more Belgian than chocolate, I tell them - and some dark rumor of a vicious cold wreaking havoc among our ranks, the enthusiasm remains tangible, as you can hear in this mash-up interview with a couple of our young singers and musicians. Listen to their stage fears, conservatoire tales and opera dreams, all straight from those stolen minutes in between rehearsals!


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