Jongerenopera Canti d'Amor II - DAG 11: Dress Rehearsal

Vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Bursts of activity interlace with moments of calm and relaxation on the last day before the premiere. As the director and the coaches put the scenes a playnd music to order, the singers and musicians rehearse their solos or have a nap in the lodge. After a mere two weeks of preparation, tomorrow there will be an opera!

Thank god for this blog, that does not mean people have suddenly turned serious. For the dress rehearsal, the orchestra has to wear black. ‘You did not forget to put on black underpants, did you?’ Myriam jokes to Ruben. ‘Yes, of course.’ He turns to Nicolas. ‘Actually, it’s red.’ Are they playing in their underwear? ‘I am already playing without shoes and socks,’ Nicolas answers, ‘so it’s not such a big leap for me!’ 

Since it’s the last full day of rehearsals, I have a chat with director Wouter and ask him what he thinks. ‘It’s very tricky,’ he says, ‘to try to remake a piece you did before. Essentially, you always start from zero. We tried to create some parallels with the first Canti d’Amor from last year, but you never know until you see it on stage. We had to adapt the style of acting very much: in this kind of scenery, it works better when it’s more abstract and minimalistic. It gives a really great image.’

‘It does feel like a real performance,’ Fien says. The wings are buzzing with activity: people running around half-dressed and half-made up, voices softly repeating their scores from every corner. So who’s nervous? ‘I’m not nervous,’ Camila says. ‘I love to be on stage, I always want to perform right away. That’s my problem: I don’t like the rehearsal, I love the performance.’

Linde wishes her good luck. ‘No! That brings bad luck!’ 'But I play the virginal, how could I know?' ‘A bad dress rehearsal is a good show,’ Seie points out. ‘But don’t put that on the blog.’ The hall turns black and the stage lights go on. Time to put on a show!

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