Jongerenopera Canti d'Amor II - DAG 10: Countdown

Donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Somehow, I found myself in the make-up chair and at the mercy of Adriana and Eglantine today. Two days before the premiere, everything is being fine-tuned: music, staging and costume. Which also, apparently, implies trying out make-up on this very submissive test monkey. Meanwhile, the team was having their first, long-anticipated though not yet uninterrupted run-through. Suddenly, saturday seems very close.

On the other hand, the young singers and musicians have a whole lot of other things on their minds, most due long past next saturday. The shows in Paris are eagerly looked forward to, though these conversations rarely feature singing, more often macaroons and shopping. 
And then, there is the whole rest of their lives, too. Wouter tells me what a great group it is this year, with wonderful personalities and high energy - ‘it's always a great experience.’ He and the coaches are surprised at how focused and ambitious some of the participants are, even the very youngest. They talk about networking, about the value of this experience for their musicianship; they think about where they’ll study and what they’ll specialize in. ‘Is that what was on you’re mind when you were fifteen, sixteen?’ 
It’s a different world. From inside the bubble this theatre hall has become, messages that reach us in the news seem scary and unreal. Meanwhile, we’re chatting about conservatoire life; where student-teacher relationships are apparently rather casual. 'You'd call them by their first names, or their nicknames. I had this one teacher who wrote a piece for me, and he would come down to discuss it and afterwards we'd get drunk. That happens.' No abstinence for vocal reasons, then? ‘There are two kinds of singers,’ says Sarah, ‘the ones that go home after the performance…’ ‘and the ones that get work,’ Adam interpolates, ‘and how do they get work? They get pissed together with their musical directors!’ Well, I for one can’t wait until saturday evening!

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