The portrait of an Iranian psychoanalyst who is wrongfully interned and her battle for freedom with almost mythical proportions.

Mitra Kadivar lives and works in Teheran, where she has a practice as the city’s only psychoanalyst. As a result of a fabricated complaint by her neighbours, she is interned against her will and treated in a psychiatric clinic. Her call for help does not go unanswered and, through Jacques-Alain Miller in Paris, the international community is activated. An intense dialogue with Mitra and later with her students eventually leads to her release. Even more than by the details of her story, Jorge León was fascinated by the nature of Mitra’s struggle, which almost takes on the proportions of a classical myth. A dramatic perspective embedded in a hybrid performance. 

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Produced by Muziektheater Transparant and Ictus. Coproduced by KunstenfestivaldesArts, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Théâtre de Liège, De Munt/La Monnaie, Present Perfect vzw, The GMEM Marseille, Actoral Marseille and Les films de Force Majeure Marseille. With support of International Film Festival Marseille FID, Camargo Foundation, IRCAM, CNC DICRéAM and Thank you & Good Night Production.  

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KunstenFESTIVALdesArts Brussel (Brussel)
+32 2 219 07 07
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Composition: Eva ReiterGeorge Van DamAuthor I Direction: Jorgé LeonScenography | Costumes: Thibault VancraenenbroeckCostumes: Silvia HasencleverVideo: Aliocha Van der AvoortSound Design: Alexandre FostierLighting Design: Peter QuastersDramaturgy: Isabelle DumontSoprano: Claron McFaddenActress: Simone AughterlonyChild: Laurenz Schäfer • Ensemble: Ictus : Michael Schmid (Flute) • Gerrit Nulens (Percussion) • George Van Dam (Violin) • Eva Reiter (Paetzold recorder & bass violin) • Vocals: Members of De Munt's Choral Academy Choir coach: Polina Bogdanova