Muziektheater Transparant aims to be an international point of reference for the contemporary musical theatre. By setting up a dialogue between artists from different fields, Muziektheater Transparant creates projects with artistic and social relevance and presents these before a wide audience.

It is Muziektheater Transparant's ambition to:

- ensure a place for the musical theatre within the artistic landscape;

- secure its strong (inter)national profile;

- rethink and re-interpret the repertoire;

- take on board artists and ensembles with an artistically and socially relevant approach to the medium of musical theatre;

- assign creative jobs to established and debuting (Flemish) composers and authors;

- guide and support young, debuting artists to ease their transition to the professional circuit and to ensure artistic renewal;

- be a stimulating and loyal workplace for our artists and other colleagues;

- establish an intensive dialogue with promoters and the audience;

- reach a wide audience with diverse projects staged at different, selected venues.